Roofing Contractor in Mount Holly North Carolina – Carolina Storm Roofing

Roofing Contractor in Mount Holly North Carolina - Carolina Storm Roofing

The roof is often times the most overlooked feature of a house or a commercial building. Apart from the aesthetic function of most roofs, especially at home, the roof serves as a primary defense against a harsh environment or weather conditions outside your home. Seeing that, it is highly relevant and necessary that as a homeowner, a roof inspection or check-up should be performed, especially after noticing signs of roof deterioration or issues.

Carolina Storm Roofing is one of the best in Mount Holly when it comes to roof and gutter system issues, which may include but not limited to roof leaks and flashing vent pipes. If left unattended, such minor issues could lead to costly repairs or replacement, not just of the roof but as well as the home interiors and contents

As a roofing contractor and a trusted name in the industry of roofing service, Carolina Storm Roofing offers a free roofing estimate and comprehensive appraisal of your roofing needs. And such may include but not confined solely to gutter guard installation, roof installation, roof replacement, and even emergency tarp service.

Regardless of the needs of Mount Holly‚Äôs residents, Carolina Storm Roofing is dedicated to providing both our residential roofing and commercial roofing clients a professional, efficient, and economical roofing solutions. This has been tested and proven over time as we continue to deliver meritorious customer service while keeping our client’s roof shingle and entire roofing consistently resembling and functioning just like a brand new roof.


Why Carolina Storm Roofing Is Always on Top of Its Competitors and Clients’ Lists:

  • Our company has always and will always be fair, efficient, and consistent in doing our job in order to attain excellence.
  • Our company has won the hearts of many through our workmanship and efforts to extend an extra mile
  • Our company is made up of a team of experts working together not just to resolve any roofing issue but to likewise add value to our customer service
  • Carolina Storm Roofing is highly-reviewed and approved not just by our clients but also by the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ Rating.


Zip codes we serve: 28012 and 28120



Mount Holly or Mt. Holly is one of the small suburban cities in North Carolina. Despite being a small city, Mt. Holly still has a population of over 10,000 people, almost reaching 15,000 from the last census data.

Similar to other North Carolina cities and towns, Mount Holly is also rich in history, including the issuance of land grants by King George II in 1754. And such royal act started the gradual and yet continuous development of the city.

Part of its development was the first railroad in Gaston County that began serving Mount Holly in 1860. The ease of the said transportation led to the increasing growth and development in the area, including homes and buildings. As of the current writing, there is an estimated more than 4,000 household in the city, and each may need a reliable and efficient roofing service now or later.

Since most of the younger generations are leaving the city for further studies or job opportunities in major US cities, most homeowners are left with the task of cleaning and maintaining their homes. However, with the arrival of decent and trusted roofing contractors, the demanding and sometimes dangerous aspect of roof maintenance and roof repair may now be delegated to the professionals.

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