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When it comes to roofing service and roof repair, Carolina Storm Roofing is the best option for a number of roofing contractors in Belmont, North Carolina. Our company has dedicated itself to pursue not just of success but mainly of excellence. As our clients have chosen us, we then choose to excel and surpass their expectations. Hence, providing optimum efficiency both on customer service and relevant aspects roofing services.

Carolina Storm Roofing is a company composed of elite commercial roofing professionals with unrivaled knowledge and expertise when it comes to roof repair, roof replacement, inspections on storm damaged roof and siding, gutter guard installation, emergency tarp service, gutter and other roof and gutter system needs.

Regardless of calm or catastrophic days, Carolina Storm Roofing is prepared to address your needs. With our superior and outstanding materials along with incomparable technical know-how, we are capable of installing almost every kind of roofing system be it basic or purely functional roofs or aesthetically pleasing roofs.

As a roofing contractor and a trusted name in the roofing industry, we try to be flexible and consistent to the very end, in order to cater the dynamic needs of our customers. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your roofing issues such as roof leaks, flashing vent pipes, and the likes.

Here’s why we are the Best in the Roofing Industry:

  • We have the best choices available for roofing materials
  • We are a customer-centered company as reflected on the positive feedbacks of our clients
  • We do things within the reasonable allotted time
  • Carolina Storm Roofing always excels in what we do

Zip codes we serve: 94002 and 94403


Despite being considered as a small suburban city in North Carolina, the city of Belmont is a highly progressive place to live in. Since the colonial-era around 1750, the area of Belmont has been in the forefront of growth and advancement, leading to what it is now today.

Since the 19th century where the city only had a registered population of 145 people, Belmont managed to increase its population of to around 11,000. Along with the said population growth of the city, town buildings and households likewise proliferated, signaling the start of the roofing industry and the need for roofing contractors to address the town’s increasing needs for decent and reliable roofing service.

Apart from infrastructure development, Belmont likewise improved in terms of education. As of the current writing, the city of Belmont is home to numerous elementary schools, both public and private. Similarly, this suburban city in North Carolina also houses private college and community college, like the Gaston College and Belmont Abbey College.

In terms of transportation, Belmont also has primary transportation routes and highways that connect the east and west. These transportation routes make it easier for travelers to explore the city and more convenient for contractors such as roofing contractors to conduct roof inspections and roof installation in the area.

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