Roof Hail and Wind Damage in Charlotte NC

Many homeowners are unaware of just how severe storms and wind-blown hail can cause damage to their roofs.

roof hail damage charlotte ncHail can pit, crater and bruise shingles to the point that the matting is degraded, dramatically shortening the life of your roof.

Your homeowners insurance covers almost the full cost of new roofing, often including the complete removal and replacement of the roofing system, shingle colors of your choice, new vents, and up-to-date flashing.

*Typically, there is no blemish on your homeowner policy after opening a storm-related claim. A survey of our last 960 customers revealed not even one was re-rated for higher insurance premiums as a result of a storm claim. Of course, your Insuror reserves the right to set premiums for any of their customers within State law. We make no guarantees that your claim history may never be a factor in your future rates. And all of those surveyed said there had been regular annual increases over the last three years, as approved by the State Insurance Commissioner.

At Carolina Storm Roofing, we employ the latest technology to provide the most accurate data for the insurance claim. Using EagleView (or similar technology that utilizes aerial photography), we present the insurance company with extremely accurate measurements, diagrams and estimates. That saves time on going back and forth with your insurance company on the amount of materials needed to repair your damaged property.  And the settlement can be achieved much faster.

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Our specialists will provide:

  • Expert examination needed to identify your storm damage.
  • An expert at your home, there with your insurance adjusters when damages are estimated by your insurer.
  • Expert advice in case of denial of insurance coverage on the appeal process and your rights to pursue fair settlements.

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